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UTS has done some advertising for the MDSI course, and I have been lucky enough to be included.

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Chris Mahoney Profile Master of Data Science and Innovation student

Chris MahoneyMaster of Data Science and Innovation

"Studying the Master of Data Science and Innovation (MDSI) course at UTS has been a phenomenal experience. Challenging at times, no doubt; but it has been incredibly rewarding and educational along the way. Not only does the degree teach the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques, along with popular Machine Learning algorithms, it also teaches visualisation, leadership, deep-learning, big-data engineering, and data-based decision-making, along with changing your mindset with innovative and statistical thinking. The iLab classes provided me the opportunity to apply all these skills in a practical and realistic environment. It has helped me to develop into the best Data Scientist (and Innovator) that I can be."